Why Make a T-MAP

T-MAPs offer the opportunity to connect with yourself and others in tangible ways that contribute to personal and community healing.

T-MAPs can help us:

  • Practice communicating needs and desires.
  • Develop language for thinking and articulating personal experiences.
  • Create an empowering narrative for our personal journey.
  • Identify stressors and what it looks like when we struggle.
  • Articulate wellness strategies that support us.
  • Write down our resilience practices.
  • Assemble a collection of community resources
  • Connects us to movements for justice that are fighting for a better world.

Articulating these things gives us a resource we can share with the people in our lives to guide our conversations and help us support each other through rough times.


You can complete a personalized booklet (or “T-MAP”) by yourself or with a group. Your T-MAP becomes a guide for navigating challenging times, figuring out what you care about, and communicating with the important people in your life. We have developed different ways to create this document; these tools can help you generate your T-MAP through an online questionnaire or through a downloadable pdf workbook that you can print and fill out.